Who said rock ‘n’ roll was dead? Long live! Them Evils!

Who said rock ‘n’ roll was dead? Young, fun, and full of…riffs, Them Evils are a 3 piece sonic assault ready to melt your face. Coming straight out of Orange County, they just released a brand new music video for their single “She’s got Nothin'”. It’s a heavy, sexy banger with some guitar licks that even Mr. Jimmy Page himself would approve of. These guys take us back to a carefree time of Marshall stacks, long hair, hot sex, and good hash. We caught up with them on the eve of their national tour with New York City band “The Pretty Reckless”, to talk about their single, what they’re most looking forward to on tour, and the things that influence them while writing music.
Q: How did the idea for this single come about? Do you have a “typical” process for writing songs?
A: Well, this song is a re recorded song previously on our “Cold Black Love” EP. It all starts with a riff and a hook line.
Q: Where did the title “She Got Nothin” come from?
A: It’s about fuckin’ a woman and that’s all she’s good for. It’s like waking up in the morning having to entertain the women that slept in your bed last night and she won’t leave when you need to be productive.
Q: You have a pretty in-your-face, ballsy sound, who are some of your influences and hereos, modern and old school? (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a musician either)
A: AC/DC, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Judas Priest. The list goes on! I’d have to say Bon Scott is my favorite singer. He’s sexy and sleazy. He did it the best.
Q: In what ways did your previous EP, released last year, influence the “sound” production-wise on this new single?
A: It didn’t. We just always try to compose songs and albums better than the last.
Q: Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture while writing songs
A: They have to be about sex, struggle, and partying. We’re young. That’s all we know about.
Q: How long have you been a band? How did you meet each other?
A: About three years. Jake and I were raised in Las Vegas on the same street. We started a band down there and decided to move closer to LA. I met David, our drummer, through a co-worker. We jammed once and the rest was history.
Q: How would you describe the sound of your new single to any potential new fan?
A: Heavy fuzz riffs with the ease and sleaze of AC/DC.
Q: You are just about to head out on tour with “The Pretty Reckless”. What parts are you most looking forward to?
A: Seeing new faces and playing to massive crowds. Partying with my best friends.
Q: What song do you guys have the most fun with live?
A: She Got Nothin’, Untold, and Have One On Me. They’re just all bangers.
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Lookout for “Them Evils” in a city near you throughout the rest of April and March, and as always, #enjoylocalmusic
– Ryan M. Bratton

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