Tunnel Vision took a trip that would go down in the record books.

It’s not everyday you get to say you’ve booked a band that holds a world record, but having booked Tunnel Vision out of San Clemente a handful of times, we get to say just that!

On February 11th, Tunnel Vision took a trip that would go down in the record books. Boarding a plane, they to head to Africa with DELA from Slightly Stupid to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at 18,652 feet and play the world highest concert, while DELA attempted the world’s highest saxophone solo.

The purpose of the record breaking event was to bring awareness to the slaughter of the African Elephant, through poaching, simply for the value of their tusks. There are just over 400,000 African Elephants left, and they are on the path to extinction in the next decade with a poaching rate of 33,000-35,000 per year, simply for their tusks.

WhiskeyBarrel Records sponsored the event which saw 300+ porters and 45 individuals to reach the mountain, and 35 individuals and 12 porters to reach the summit where Tunnel Vision performed their concert. Tunnel Vision & DELA were both successful in setting the records.

Here at OCML we want to give a big shout out to Tunnel Vision, DELA & every musician who uses their art to elicit change. Thanks for doing what you do!

WildLife First Foundation is a non-profit 503(c). Proceeds go to our anti-poaching campaign. You can donate to the campaign and help Tunnel Vision out here! 


Follow Tunnel Vision on www.tunnelvisionsc.com

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