The Gitas release new album, “Beverly Kills”

It was pouring down rain in Los Angeles. The Gitas had their banner posted up on the wall by the door to Redgate Recorder Studios for the release party of their newest album “Beverly Kills”.  I made my way back through the hallway to the stage room. A good handful of people were having drinks and chit chatting while the bass player, Salvador Ramazzini (Sal), was setting up his instruments and microphones. He saw me on the floor and pointed at me; he set down his bass, and came over to greet me. Sal had a fire in his eyes, you could hear it in his voice. He was more than ready for the show tonight. I walked with him over to meet the second half of The Gitas, Sasha Chemerov. Sasha was a bit more solemn than his counterpart. Very focused, and relaxed. He didn’t use many words to communicate but he had the same fire in his eyes that Sal did. The Gitas returned to the stage


The lights were dimmed and the crowd pushed their way forward. As a projector on the back wall started flashing images of a traditional hindu prayer ceremony. Sasha straps up his guitar, and then gently lights some incense on top of his amp. The ring of a sitar and chimes rises into the air, like the smoke from the incense burner. “Mantra” is the first song to begin the night. A “mantra” is either a sound, or a phrase that is uttered over and over to bring peace to the mind, body, and soul to prepare for meditation. The first song comes to an end. Four symbol crashes introduce the next song, and the crowd loses its shit! Not a single person in that room was standing still. As the Gitas play the energy continued to rise through the entire set. With the vocal range of Sasha and energy in the bass lines by Sal- the room began to levitate. There were no more instruments, no more crowd, only the power in every note, every beat they played. At the end of their last song Sasha played the last note and let it linger in the air. The crowd is screaming, and he lifts his guitar over his head and throws it on the drums, the finale to The Gitas album release show.
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