Exclusive interview with Kyle Sain from the band The Standard Affiliates

The Standard Affiliates Frontman Kyle Sain stops by the OCML HQ and is featured in this week’s Artist Spotlight. In 2017 Kyle and The Standard Affiliates were able to accomplish several goals for the band such as releasing several singles including “Is This News to You” and “Paint it Gold”. In 2018 the band is looking to record new music and is releasing a new music video early 2018. So without further adieu check out our interview with the lead singer Kyle Sain and make sure you follow his band on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Also Check out the bands Spotify Account

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Doug chats about his inspirations growing up and about the band Dreams of Vertigo

We sat down with Doug Ferguson lead singer of the band Dreams Of Vertigo and also avid supporter of the #EndPayToPlay movement. We sat down and chatted about his inspirations growing up, his taste in music and also about his band. Check out the full interview down below. Also, Check out the OCML Podcast in which he was a guest and chatted more in depth about his support in the anti pay to play movement.

Check out this podcast episode in which he talked about Ending Pay to Play

Doug Ferguson stops by and chats about the #EndPayToPlay | OCML Podcast

Max Gomez stops by and chats with us about his inspirations and outlook for 2018 | Artist Spotlight

The talented and multi-instrumentalist Max Gomez stopped by to chat with us at our HQ and talked about his inspirations, his style and his plans for 2018. This man is part of a one man band called “Blindoss” Check out his interview with us down below and don’t forget to follow him on social media. Links will be provided down below.

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Gus appeared at OCML HQ and took over the OCML Artist Spotlight Series!

After conquering the beast of the Monster Mash ’17 this past October, Gus McArthur are not only releasing new content this week but are also part of this week’s OCML Artist Spotlight featuring their brave lead singer Gus. Check out the interview down below as well as their Spotify playlist. 

Before you go check out their music down below and also remember to follow them on their social media pages and website linked down below. Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Exclusive: Sean Honan talks about Gus McArthur and the origin of the band’s name| OCML Artist Spotlight

We sat down with Sean Honan lead guitarist from the band Gus McArthur and talked about his inspirations as an artist, where the band’s name came from and what advice he gives our younger generation of artists. All that and more!!
Make sure to check out his band Gus McArthur on Facebook and give them a follow!