Podcast Ep.#40 Breaking the Norm.

Welcome to episode #40 and in this episode the team ( John Safari, Kevin Martin, Dave and Savion) talk about the importance of knowing how things work in the local music scene. Having some sort of knowledge of what goes down when booking shows. The importance of befriending and working alongside bands that are in the same genre and style. A glance on proper online branding and promotions. New episodes every Monday! Click here to subscribe.

New Podcast is out! Listen as the team talk about what grinds their gears and what can be done to solve it.

Recorded from the beautiful LA Radio Studio in San Pedro Ca. The team gets together this week to participate in this month’s Rants and Raves Episode of the OCML Podcast. They talk about what gets them going at shows, with bands, life and how it can be solved Don’t miss an episode and subscribe to our itunes podcast. Click Here to subscribe!



OCML Podcast #27: Art’s Impact on Society & Your Role

In this episode, we talk about the role the artist holds in society, the impact art can have on culture, how artist’s roles have changed over the years and what we are doing with our platform to elicit positive change. On this podcast we have DJ Ear, Kevin Martin, Chris Barrett, Dominic and our host John Safari

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