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#5. Common Grounds

Band: Common Grounds

Hometown: Los Angeles Ca.

Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative

Band Members: Mikey Pennington – Vocals | Dakota Martin – Drums   Alex Perez – Bass | Corey Cade – Rhythm Guitar

Reach them at:   Itunes   |  Instagram  | Facebook




#4 The Standard Affiliates 

Band: The Standard Affiliates

Hometown: Orange County Ca.

Genre: Indie/Alternative/Surf

Band Members: Brian Huynh, Kyle Sain,Marty Griffin, Danny Leserman

Reach them at:  | Facebook |  Instagram




#3.Alive & Well 

Band: Alive & Well

Hometown: San Diego Ca.

Genre: Punk/Alternative/Rock

Band Members: Matt Vernon – Vocals & Guitar | Mike Mule – Bass & Vocals

Pat Hughes – Lead Guitar | Eric Brozgold – Drums

Reach them at: | Facebook | Instagram



2. Island Apollo 

Band: Island Apollo

Hometown: LA/OC/SD

Genre: Indie/Alternative

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1. Missio 

Band: Missio

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Genre: Alternative/Electronic/Chillwave

Reach them at: | Instagram | Facebook


Personalities lead singer Trevor, talks about their new album “Loose Ends” | Fresh Tracks

What inspired this Album?
Loose Ends was written during the darkest time of my life and the album is really a series of events that I experienced or witnessed. The lyrical content covers addiction, domestic abuse, battling suicide, and the loss of loved ones.
Where did the name of the Album come from?
We came up with the name “Loose Ends” as representation of us cutting ties (or failing to) with the events that present themselves in the record.
How long did this project take to complete from start to finish?
Roughly two years between writing, recording, post production, filming videos and having it ready to release.

 What kind of “sound” production wise, did you have in your mind prior to entering the studio?
The sound was molded from the emotions we were feeling at the time so it came out incredibly dark. We blended that with moments of having “the light at the end of the tunnel”  to be later brought back down to the bleak atmosphere that surrounds the album. Production wise, we needed the instruments to hit as heavy as the lyrics and the vocals to express the emotions we were trying to reflect.  
What is one of your favorite tracks on the new album? and why?
“A Letter of Departure” is probably my favorite, hard to pick though. This song holds some of my most vulnerable moments. I have never been so honest about struggling with addiction, paranoia, and the thoughts of suicide. It is a painful song to listen back to but, it helped me face my own demons and be honest with myself.
What encouraged the band to choose the current single for this new album?
“Tiny Tim” and “A Letter of Departure” were the two songs the band immediately gravitated to when we were discussing presenting our new music. Those songs are unmistakably Personalities and they were the next step in the sound we originally established.
Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture while writing songs?
We write about real life and things we all experience. I was never one to write happy songs because to be honest I wasn’t happy. Every time I would make something even the slightest bit cheerful, it came of as cheesy to me. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally listen to music that fits the happy go lucky description but, the aggressive side of music has always been a home for me.
Does your vision for coming up with music get affected at all by time?
Yes! 110%. We aren’t in the same state of mind as we were when we were 18. As time moves on shit happens. If we capture a moment in time where emotions are creating any kind of inspiration then we write about it. Sometimes we don’t feel the same years down the line but, we took a snapshot of what we felt when those events took place.
How would you describe the sound of your new album to any potential new fan?
While there are some songs sounding completely different than others on the record, the general sound is aggressive and melancholy. The songs are heavy, dark, and blatantly honest. I hope that people can understand we write dark music with no resolution. We don’t claim to have all of the answers. But, there seems to be something therapeutic about listening to music that isn’t telling you what to do or how to feel or how to move on. These are songs about emotions we have felt, we hope by sharing them that others can relate and at least feel that there is someone out there feeling the same things they are.

Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise)
 Honestly, I wouldn’t have picked up a guitar if it wasn’t for Jimi Hendrix. So I definitely went through a Purple Haze phase. Corey Taylor from Slipknot is probably my hero. He turned metal mainstream and he did it wearing a mask. The Devil Wears Prada was actually a huge influence to me when I started writing and performing heavy music. I remember being 16 and destroying my vocal chords, screaming in my car to their music. I eventually figured out the rights and wrongs obviously. Losing your voice is a nightmare! The band as whole has so many different influences which allows us to create different sounding music each record!


The Magic of Music

Music is more than a background accessory to chores and more than an excuse to drink. Music is the symmetry between emotion and expression. Words often fail and fall short, imprecise and clumsy but you can use a song to convey a feeling so much more accurately.

“Don’t tell a girl you like her, tell her she makes you feel

like the first time you heard “Amber” by 311.”

A lot of great movies are often defined by their soundtracks and some of the worlds leading peace activists have been musical artists. Music is a refuge where we can all go and lose ourselves both in tough times and in celebration.

Recognizing the importance of music is vital to the continued existence of music that is intrinsically good and not just marketable. You can make a book a best seller, a movie a blockbuster hit, and a record go platinum by paying the right people. We’re being sold macaroni pictures as Picasso’s simply because money is the motive. Some bands are easier to market or fit into a more accessible economic niche. That’s what they say but in a world full pet psychologists, life coaches, and designer baby carriers how can there not be a market for good music?

So can we blame companies for not driving through neighborhoods listening for unique music hoping that they happen to drive by a garage that produces this generations Doors and Van Halen? Of course not, music is a Democracy and if the only ones voting are going to be tweens then all that’s going to be remembered are the Biebers of the world.

From the drummers in Napoleon’s armies to the soldiers to the hymns sung at churches music is an inextricable part of our oldest institutions.

“This isn’t a new music revolution, art is always in a state of perpetual transformation.”

Music is the forefront of the arts, the most relatable medium of abstract expression. So get out there and enjoy local music. Listen to the artists playing music while waiting tables. You’d be surprised how much soul music can have when it’s not generating millions of dollars for someone and is instead the only medium someone can express themselves in. It doesn’t have to be auto-tune, crappy lyrics written to stir up preteens, and studio magic. In the words of Winston Churchill:

“The arts are essential to any complete national life. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them….Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due.”

OCML Top5 | #EnjoyLocalMusic

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Season 2 of the OCML Top5 where we showcase the best tracks this week in the local music scene. The list was curated by the Editor in Chief of the OCML Digital Network Dave and edited by DJ Ear. Showcased this week are the following great bands and their tracks. Make sure to like and share this!

#5 Autumn Rove- Shiver


Alternative band from Peoria, IL

Band Members: Courtney Richmond, Derick Kapteina, Harlow Prentice

Check out their website or Facebook




#4 Ian Brown- Hand & Hearted

Hardrock Band from New York

Audio Engineer/ Singer Songwriter/ Frontman

Check out his work at

and his Facebook



#3 Reinventing your Exit- Erase

Progressive/Experimental Rock Band from Anaheim Ca.

Band members include: Michelle Molina || Richi Molina || Jonathan Bareford || Noe Guillen

Follow their instagram and check out their Facebook




#2 Chrysalis- Borrowing Distance

Rock/Metal/Experimental Band from Barstow Ca.

Band Members Include:Yessi Burton – Vocals, Gabe Julian – Guitars,

Gabe Gallego – Guitar, Jared Sturgis – Bass, Billy Norris – Drums

Check out their Facebook and their website at



#1 The Sugar- Beggin’ Please

Rock n Roll Band from Orange County Ca.

Band members include: Cole Blackamore – Vocals/Guitar
Tony Crosley – Drums

Check out their Facebook and their Bandcamp



Check out this episode and more great content at and as always #EnjoyLocalMusic


Why is Mental Health so Important?

People often times tend to get stuck in their own head. So, why is no one talking about it? Easy answer, they’re all afraid to talk about their insecurities. Well, it’s time to start breaking down the stigma that you’re weak to talk about what’s going on inside of your head. It’s actually the opposite. It makes you strong. 

I’ve struggled with more than my fair share of depression, anxiety & overall self doubt over the years, and I know the hell that so many of us create in our own heads. I’m sure you know this next line already; You are not alone. 
Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched way too much negative come from these insecurities in others. I’ve seen people leave too early, people dying in the streets & kids laughing at someone who drown. If these aren’t enough to start this conversation, what will it take? Will we ever start taking mental health seriously?
Social media amplifies the negatives and suffocates the positive. Part of writing this article, for me, is to make positivity louder. Even when everything seems to be falling around you, taking a second to really let yourself feel what you usually avoid can really enhance your perspective. Every person on this planet has had self doubt. Everyone has insecurities. When you hide from these, you’re only prolonging how long you’re going to keep letting those insecurities whisper in your ears. 
To thine own self be true. 
You and I are both fucked up. Let’s talk about it and not doing anything rash, okay? Okay. 

Podcast Ep.#40 Breaking the Norm.

Welcome to episode #40 and in this episode the team ( John Safari, Kevin Martin, Dave and Savion) talk about the importance of knowing how things work in the local music scene. Having some sort of knowledge of what goes down when booking shows. The importance of befriending and working alongside bands that are in the same genre and style. A glance on proper online branding and promotions. New episodes every Monday! Click here to subscribe.