Listen to the latest episode of the OCML Memorial Day Weekend Countdown (Day 3)

Today is (Day3) of the OCML Memorial Day Weekend Countdown curated by Dave our (Editor in Chief) In this playlist we kept it mellow with some great local artists that have some pretty chill tracks. Artists showcased in this episode are:

Krista Marina- Bittersweet Records
The Regular- Come on home
Michael Barnum- Where I’ve been
Chad Martini- Mr.Policeman
Sabrina Lentini- No Price for love
Bearwulf- Inside
Woolsey- Rey
Bird and the War- Bone and Flesh
Moon Ensemble-Future Colours
D.C.R Pollock- Try Harder

Listen to the first ever OCML Memorial Day Weekend Countdown Playlist

OCML’s slogan which is used as a hashtag is #enjoylocalmusic. So, Our Editor in Chief David Martinez curated and is hosting OCML”s first ever Memorial Day Weekend Countdown. In which he chose 30 tracks to play through the long weekend. Everyday he will play 10 great tracks from local artists.
Artists Showcased on Day 1:

Them Evils- She Got Nothing
Of Limbo- Throw me a bone
Well Hung Heart- Devil
Mercy Fist- Cross the line
In the wake of the end- Owls
Sister Hymns- Pretty Vultures
Standard Affiliates- Paint it Gold
Ready set survive- A voice inside
Motions- Red Light Fever
Dreams of Vertigo- Pay to Play

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Listen to the New Episode of the OCML Top5

In this New Episode of the OCML Top5 Podcast, Dave (Editor in Chief) showcased artists that have those mellow and soothing tracks. Those tracks that help you relax, enjoy the moment or simply unwind. Artist Showcased in this episode: 

5. Chad Martini- Mr.Policeman

4. S.S. Odyssey- Devil Don’t Dace 

3. Michael Barnum- Where I’ve been

2. The Regular- Come on home

1. Krista Marina- Bitter sweet records

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Wade Fitzgerald and Kevin Beatty talk about their new band project and their latest single.

What inspired you to start this band:
A: Kevin and I had both left our last bands in 2015. Even when we were in those bands we would always talk about starting something together. Over the next couple years I was in and out of the studio with my acoustic stuff and Kevin mentioned he wanted to start his own project. He came over to my apartment and we started writing some ideas together and I think just working on music together for the first time really excited us both. It went from writing songs for Kevin’s project to “We should just start a new band” almost instantly.

Where did the band name come from?
A: It’s so fucking hard to find a name that hasn’t been taking. I still think within the next few years bands are strictly going to have to register for a number and whatever number they get is the name of their band. Honestly, we had a few ideas and for some reason this is the one that stuck. I think it can mean a lot of things to different people. Everyone has their demons that they are fighting and lyrically Kevin and I really tried to embrace our own and write from the heart. A lot of these lyrics were heard to write just because of how personal we got with them. So I think the name is just a constant reminder that everyone has their demons to fight, this is us embracing it. “Some Devils” just happened to sound better to us than “Some Demons”.

How long did these songs take to make from start to finish, recording-wise?
A: We flew out to England and we had 4 days to track 4 songs. We decided to rent a car rather than taking a train to get from London to York thinking it would save time, but quickly realized it was a horrible decision. Rather than getting to the studio at 6pm, we got there at midnight which meant we now had 3 days. By the end of it Kevin and I couldn’t say a word. Our throats were literally bleeding. In the end, we got it done and we are beyond stoked and how these songs turned out. We owe it all to Sam and Joe Graves. They have continuously worked their ass off to deliver a class product. We spent less money going to England and recording with them then we would recording at a local studio here in OC and received a far better product than anything we’ve done locally.
We slept maybe 2 hours every night on the studio floor in oder to get this done, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d do it again tomorrow if we had to. It was an incredible experience.

What kind of ‘sound’, production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio? 
A: We were on the phone everyday with Sam Graves going over ideas. He would send us demos and we would see how our vocals fit best. I don’t think there was a certain sound or vibe that we were going for. We wanted to do what we were best at. Sam did an amazing job helping us write songs that catered to our individual strengths and I think the end product really surprised us with how it all came together. We’ve definitely found our sound and I don’t think it’s what any of us had in mind when we first came together.

What is one of your favorite track? and why? 
A: This is a tough one. There’s four tracks and all four have their own identity. They are all so moody. The one that I tend to listen to the most is called “Undertow”. Kevin just sounds like a fucking monster and it just hits perfectly in all the right places. It’s by far our heaviest song. Lyrically I think a lot of people will be able to relate. It’s a very honest song.
We also have a song called “Dedicated” that I wrote about watching my grandmother pass away. I was holding her hand as she went. It was the most intense experience I’ve ever had. I think this song may be may personal favorite because it’s a reminder that life is short and that we should push as hard as we fucking can while we are on this planet.

What encouraged the band to release singles rather than an EP? 
A: We wanted to take a different approach. We thought if we released a new single every month over the next few months then each song will get a fair amount of attention. Every song we release will have it’s own video and we want to see if we can use the internet to really reach some serious exposure on an international level. With the internet we have the power of instantly knowing what type of person responded to the song and what areas they are in. It’s been hard doing videos for all four songs, but I think it will be worth it and it will be a good way to keep listeners interested, which is the hardest part about starting a new band. We are all excited to see how it works out though!
Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture while writing songs?
A: We just wanted to be honest with ourselves. We didn’t want to come out and try to be something that we’re not. Sam Graves did such a great job producing us and helping to define our overall sound. Each song has their own mood. It’s a very emotional group of songs. There’s hate, anger, sadness, confidence and remorse. We really weren’t sure how they were all going to tie together, but Sam really made that happen.

Does your vision for coming up with music get affected at all by time?
A: For myself, most definitely. Any time we have an idea for a song we demo it immediately and try not to wait long before we record. Sometimes you lose the passion behind the lyrics when you record months after writing it. Some of the lyrics we have we finished on the plane ride over. Everything was fresh and I think listeners will be able to feel that too.

How would you describe the sound of your band to any potential new fan?
A: I’m not too sure! Haha. I think anyone that is a fan of heavy melodic music will find something within these songs that will catch their attention. We wrote from a very honest place and I think a lot of people will be able to relate.

Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise)
A: Oh man. We all have so many different influences it’s crazy. Personally, I just love good songwriting and showmanship. I’m a huge fan of Queen, ACDC, Aerosmith and Elton John. Growing up in the 90’s I was very into punk rock and hardcore as well. Bands like Blink, Lagwagon, AFI, No Use For A Name, Throwdown, Eighteen VisionsBleeding Through, Atreyu…I loved music. Even as a young kid I was obsessed with 1960’s Motown. I would listen to KEarth101 for hours every day waiting for them to play The Temptations or Smokey Robinson. If I was able to sit down with any group of musicians and just bullshit I’d pick Johnny CashElvis PresleyMike Ness and Dave Grohl. The drive and will these guys had to be successful in music is beyond inspiring.

When is the scheduled release date?
A: Our first song “Voices” will be released on iTunes and Spotify on 6/5 and we will be releasing the video for it as well.