Rising star in the House Community ready to take the stage this Friday.

One of the nicest guys in the House Music Scene here in Orange County Thomas Garcia stopped by our HQ as he prepares for his upcoming show OCML Presents: All Through the House Fri/15th. Inspired by the OffSpring and NOFX at 10 years old, it  encouraged him to pick up a guitar and teach himself on how to play it. Aside from the mainstream inspiration he was also encouraged and took part in the schools music program in which he picked up the viola along side other instruments. As he grew he decided to start creating house music, so branding became the next step.

After several brainstorming sessions he decided to just go with his name Thomas Garcia as his stage name. Since then, he performed in several locations throughout Southern California and one of them being EDC in Las Vegas Nevada to which to this day is one of his biggest moments in his music career. What sets him apart from other DJ’s is that he tries to create new music everyday as he stated;

” My music making process begins with a beat and from there I begin to build my initial idea. The process takes around two hours to complete a full song.” One piece of advice he’d give to up and coming artists is to, “Work on something everyday, no matter what.”  Check out his recent Artist Spotlight interview with OCML down below!

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