The Venue Ladder, What is it and how does it help | OCML Podcast

The Venue Ladder What is it and how does it help.

An early learning stage developmental ladder for new and upcoming bands by which they participate in Open Mics and play smaller shows to learn about themselves and the band. Have them understand their abilities, their style, their stage presence etc, it’s a great way to help develop the artist the right way, without having them search for help in the pay to play circuit. 

The Steps on participating on this venue ladder.

1.  You play your first show with us at 4th Street Market or Acoustic Tuesdays.

2.  Open Mic at the House of Blues in which you will be playing in-front of OCML promoters and

     the GM of HOB.

3. The Rush Bar Show or DCSVR Thursdays at the Foundation Room in HOB

4. Perform at the Parish Room in HOB or at The Constellation Room at the Observatory OC.

5. You are now in the House of Blues System and be booked to larger festivals.

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