OCML Top5 with Blake Jones Ep.1

“Everybody Calls You a Dreamer” by The Grinns

Mission Viejo based rock band from SoCal with a defined sound and strong riffs and lyrics. The Grinns always have shows around Orange County to keep a close residency, and a close connection with their fans! Great message and great sound!

Find The Grinns on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/the-grinns/everybody-calls-you-a-dreamerFind The Grinns on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/TheGrinns1/videos/591461807640275/

“Red Light Fever” by Motions

Determination. Only being together since May 2016, Motions is a perfect example of what time and hard work can do to a band in just a few months. Find them at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana on January 29th doing a special acoustic set! Keep an eye out for their EP in 2017!

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“Exxxtra” by Eddy Rotten

For any hip hop artist it is hard to find a style that is as distinct as Eddy Rotten has made for himself. Sampling the guitar riff from Chinese Takeaway by the Addicts, and mixing it with hard hitting bass and synths, Eddy Rotten definitely has made a sound for himself. Him and the other artists from Konsept make sure all of their tracks are delivered perfectly before release

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“Day or Life” by Nothingerz

The dynamic duo. Nothingerz are a two piece band from LA who revive grunge rock roots with a modern twist. Keep an eye for their new album to be released later 2017.

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“Patchwork” by Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actress will be playing at their album release party at Chain Reaction on February 11th! These guys make sure they always have a show available for their fans, and keep consistent on social media and content.

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Click here to listen to the show!

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