New music video by Miki Ratsula titled ” Wishing Wells” and chats with us on what inspired the music video.

Miki Ratsula stopped by and chatted with us in regards to her latest music video. Talked about what was the inspiration behind the music video, the track and the possibility of a new album coming out.

The name of the track is inspired by the lines, “I’ve stared down wishing wells counting the coins that have fell..” and “Dreamers, I wish you well with the stories that you tell..”.   For the song it represents both a literal wishing well in which people throw coins and make wishes, and it represents the song’s theme of dreaming/wishing.

My girlfriend, Hope Reim, and I directed the video together. Visually, we wanted to use color to communicate the effects of a healthy vs unhealthy environment on an LGBTQ person. At the beginning of the video where there is tension with an unaccepting parent, the colors are colder and less vibrant. But when editing shots of the pride festival, we really wanted the colors to pop.
I have some songs lined up for recording, and while I could release them together as an EP, I am leaning towards releasing them all as individual singles over time.

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