It began with a Team and it became a Family.

Orange County Music League (OCML)
began almost four years ago. It began as way to help out the bands, the venues and the local music scene by ending pay to play one show at a time and also creating a stronger and fruitful environment for bands to grow and evolve. Since then OCML has expanded into San Diego and rebranding itself in that area as SDML (San Diego Music League). OCML has become a staple promotional brand in the OC and San Diego by providing great local shows and continuos digital content.  Do you want to help your community? Do you want to create a fun and strong environment in your local music scene? Maybe OCML is for you!

 There are several ways to be involved! 
* Become a Street Team Member or an Digital Team Member 
  Help spread the word on the streets and online on upcoming shows, digital content and local music news.

*Attend an OCML/SDML Show and become a part of the family 
 Nothing makes a stronger impact on someone than when you meet them face to face. Attend an OCML/SDML show (by going to and meeting up with a team member. We are always looking to grow, the talented folks that make up OCML are the pillars and blood that make the brand not only grow but evolve. 

* Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media
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If you’d rather hit us up via email that is cool too. Click the tab down below and you will be directed to your contact sheet.
Hope to grab a beer with you soon! and as always #EnjoyLocalMusic