Sat down with the guys from Of Limbo and chatted about their latest album and music video.

Dave: First and foremost, thank you for taking some time off to chat with us for a bit.
So lets start with a simple question. What inspired the name of the track?
The name of track is taken from the lyrics and concept of the song. It’s about promising to someone you will stop fucking up, but then continually disappointing them and yourself.  “I know you’ve heard it all before.  I’ve had every last chance and a few more.  I swore I was done for good for sure.  You’d never have to see this me, anymore.  But then it happened again.”

Dave: As a designer, I love when bands take that extra step in making proper lyric videos or music videos that have that artistic touch.  Who directed your music video and what was the artistic inspiration behind the style?
Video was directed by Brandon Troy Vancour, an LA based film student.
We gave him a Pinterest board that we felt fit the mood we were going for, as well as a couple rough double exposure compositions Jake made that didn’t end up working when we tried it in editing. The only real concept was us rocking out with some cool color treatments on the video.

Dave: You are one of the few bands that have that ability to stretch into different styles of rock music. What inspired this album?
Exactly that, the desire to make new, refreshing rock again. The scene has become stale with imitators. Bands are constantly rehashing old Sabbath, AC-DC or Zeppelin sounds. It’s becoming increasingly rare to find bands with truly new takes on rock. Just like the film industry nowadays is completely saturated with shitty reboots of old classics (Ghostbusters, Jumanji, etc.), the music scene is no different. Nicotineis us proving that there’s still uncharted territory.

Dave: What is one of your favorite track from the Nicotine Album to perform live?
Well the one that ALWAYS gets the crowd going is “Let’s Get Fucked Up”. Although it may not be our favorite song on the record, there’s no better feeling than playing to an audience that’s bouncing off the fucking the walls.

Dave: How would you describe the sound of this new album to any new potential fan?
 Modern rock, with a 90s flair. But as you said yourself before, every song sounds different, so it’s hard even for us to pin it down like that. 

Dave: What inspired the name of the new album? also i noticed that the merch correlates with the title of the album, was that part of the deal?
We’ve been selling that line of “unfiltered” shirts for over three years now…and it’s interesting to see that all these high fashion brands like D&G are putting out their own vintage cigarette designs. But as far as the album title, it really is an unrelated coincidence. Nicotine just pertains to the concept and lyrics of the title track.

Dave: I’ve attended a ton of  local shows in the past few years and your shows along side “Them Evils” live shows are pretty wild and awesome. What is one piece of advice you’d give fans or bands in today’s music scene?
It’s always been about making a rock show a party again. I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve been to where the people just stand there like zombies that have been herded into a room to just stare at the meat on stage and robotically clap when a song ends. You know the craziest thing about it? All it takes is like two people at the front to start losing themselves, dancing and having a good time to break people out of this weird self conscious trance. It’s as if sweeps across the rest of the crowd like an electrical current shocking them all back to life and everyone has so much more fun after that. If you want a passive, one sided entertainment experience, go to a movie.

Check out their latest single and music video “Happened Again” and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram


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