Interview with Brian Krofchick from the band, Bad Reception

Before they take the stage at the House of Blues Anaheim at OCML DSCVR ThursdaysWe sat down and chatted with Brian Krofchick the co-lead signer and guitarist for the band Bad Reception.We chatted about the band’s influence, what inspires them and the future of band in 2018.,(click here to learn more about the show)

How do you like to describe Bad Reception’s overall sound/themes/ideas for the uninitiated?

Brian: I would describe our sound as alt-punk. We draw from a lot of influences, from bands like Alkaline Trio, Midtown, Rufio, and then to heavier bands like From Autumn to Ashes, Silverstein and Mastodon.

Kevin [Shannon, co-lead singer/guitarist] and I started this band when we were 13, and played all the way through high school. After that, we all kind of went our separate ways, and over the past year have worked on putting it together with a new drummer and bass player. We played the House of Blues [Anaheim] with Gravler for OCML this summer, and that was our first show back. Prior to getting Bad Reception back together, I was in a pop-punk band called Number One Champs with our current bass player Joshua Wayne.

With the dynamic of two lead vocalists in the band, and the range of influences you pointed out, what sensibilities do you find each one of you brings to the table?

Brian: Kevin is the choir boy and I’m more unrefined, haha. It’s always been a very natural process for us when writing to kind of see who fits well in the story. Kevin’s voice is very powerful, and great for punching up verses and choruses to give them more energy. Mine is a little more laid-back. And even with the differences in our voices, we’re suckers for harmonies and use them quite a bit. The dual lead always interested us from listening to bands like blink-182, Alkaline Trio and Midtown. You start to love those bands for each singer’s unique take on a song and the emotion they bring to it.

The term you used “alt-punk” is a pretty apt descriptor for your single “Rose Marie.” Can you talk about how that song came together & what inspired it?

Brian: “Rose Marie” comes from personal experiences and watching friends trapped in abusive relationships. Having that feeling that there’s no one else out there for you, and that you should just stick it out and hope it gets better. Just try to ignore the dysfunction and things will change. The name Rose Marie actually comes from an old 50’s song by Slim Whitman. He’s essentially singing about this girl named Rose Marie who he can’t live without and who every night he dreams about.  For some reason, it just stuck with me that this song is the follow up after his dream girl destroys his heart.

We chose to put the single out over the summer to give people a taste of what’s to come, and worked on it with the help of our good friend Nick MAC of Gravler.

How has forming those connections with artists in the local scene helped you guys so far?

Brian: Making connections in the local scene is the key to growing as a band.  I actually met the Gravler guys years ago in my last band.  We began to be paired up for shows and genuinely enjoyed spending time together.  A lot of the bands were too cool for school and left as soon as their set was over, [but] those dudes would stay and support us and vice versa. Flash forward to now, and they helped us set us up the opportunity to get Bad Reception back in front of an audience again with John [Safari] of OCML for their CD release. Setting up a local support system is essential if we want to succeed.

What can we look forward to from Bad Reception in 2018?

Brian: 2018 is gonna be a busy year for us. We’re currently writing new music and will be releasing our EP by spring.

(w/ Brian Krofchick, co-lead singer/guitarist)
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