In Celebration of Women’s Day, Here is our selection of four influential and strong leading members of the local music scene.

On March 8th we celebrate “Women’s Day” and our local music scene is full of strong and influential female members. It was really hard to narrow down the list to a few, but here is our pick of the most influential and strong women of the local music scene. 


Sabrina Lentini 

Southern CA based Singer/Songwriter she participated in American Idol landing on the Top 48 and HUB’s Major and Minors. She stopped by our studios and took part of the #OCMLREampSessions Check out her website and learn more about her at


 Sophia Anita Reyes (New Evils) 

With a powerful stage presence and great vocals! Sophia leads the band “New Evils”  Her shows are always captivating and upbeat. Check out their music and more content here


Aimee (Harriers Of Discord)

The self proclaimed “Boss Ass Bitch” Aimee embraces the world of “punk rock” and “Western Surf Rock” becoming one of the dominant leading women in the Punk Rock Local Scene. Check out their music and upcoming shows here


Kalie Wolfe (RVLS)

Mention her name and more than likely people will know who you are talking about. A leader in the local Hardcore/Rock scene, she leads as one of the most influential members. She can kick your ass and perform at the highest level on stage captivating the attention of the audience within seconds. Even with a broken/damaged shoulder, she takes a page out of  Dave Grohl  book and finishes off her set even if she’s in pain. Check out her latest cover and upcoming shows at We had her on our Artist Spotlight which you can also check down below.



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