Going on a tour? Follow these steps and you’ll be ok | OCML Podcast

The team go over this article that David read a couple of days ago that talks about what touring bands should do when they play a show. John and Kevin give their opinion and tips as promoters.

1. Be prepared to play!

-Don’t take too long setting up and tearing down.

-Have all your equipment tuned up and ready to go.

2.Load in Quickly and Breakdown even faster.

3.Do not engage in cringe banter on stage.

– If talking infront of a crowd isn’t your thing, then don’t worry about it.

  play your music and move on.

4.Do not over stay your welcome.

-Don’t take forever to unload your stuff off the stage.

5.The touring band should be put 2nd to last or in between a set.

6. The touring band should keep all the money.

-Listen to the podcast to hear John’s response as a promoter.



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