Get to know the man behind the band S.S Odyssey

His band’s name is inspired by the late great artist David Bowie and his track “Space Odyssey”.The lead singer of S.S Odyssey will be performing this Thursday at the House of Blues at OCML’s DSCVR Thursdays. (Click here for more info) But before you bounce to the show, here some knowledge about this great and humble singer named Scott Brazee.

As a young kid he was an avid music fan. His first instrument introduced by his mother was the piano which he kept practicing for awhile but later decided to play the guitar which he received as a gift on Christmas. Inspired by Johnny Cash and David Bowie one thing that attracts him to the stage is having the ability to express himself and tell a story using music.  Check out the interview we had with Scott on a previous OCML Artist Spotlight get to know him more and we can’t wait to see you this Thursday at the House of Blues! 

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