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#5. Common Grounds

Band: Common Grounds

Hometown: Los Angeles Ca.

Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative

Band Members: Mikey Pennington – Vocals | Dakota Martin – Drums   Alex Perez – Bass | Corey Cade – Rhythm Guitar

Reach them at:   Itunes   |  Instagram  | Facebook




#4 The Standard Affiliates 

Band: The Standard Affiliates

Hometown: Orange County Ca.

Genre: Indie/Alternative/Surf

Band Members: Brian Huynh, Kyle Sain,Marty Griffin, Danny Leserman

Reach them at:  | Facebook |  Instagram




#3.Alive & Well 

Band: Alive & Well

Hometown: San Diego Ca.

Genre: Punk/Alternative/Rock

Band Members: Matt Vernon – Vocals & Guitar | Mike Mule – Bass & Vocals

Pat Hughes – Lead Guitar | Eric Brozgold – Drums

Reach them at: | Facebook | Instagram



2. Island Apollo 

Band: Island Apollo

Hometown: LA/OC/SD

Genre: Indie/Alternative

Reach them at: | Facebook






1. Missio 

Band: Missio

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Genre: Alternative/Electronic/Chillwave

Reach them at: | Instagram | Facebook


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