Exclusive interview with Warrior Dave on the OCML Podcast! Listen to it now!

Being influenced by wrestling as a kid and attracted to the theme entrances of wrestlers, Warrior Dave started diving into music at an early age. He is well known around Southern California Music Scene as a fan who paints his face in accordance to the show he’s attending. As seen below, some designs get pretty wild. As a promoter and a fan, he is involved in the local music scene in every aspect. Today he talks to us about, what it takes to be a superfan of a band and the local music scene.Thank you for stopping by and listening to the OCML Podcast! We are a group of promoters, artists, and fans that enjoy local music! This Podcast will help up the up and coming artist get to know the local music scene. You will gain a perspective and knowledge from us the promoters, fellow artists and fans that host this show. It will also help you get a better idea of the local music scene and how it works. If you like what you hear, subscribe using the links provided down below.

Also check this week’s Featured artist and track goes to Well Hung Heart with their track Devil
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