Exclusive interview with Jack Underkofler from the band, Dead Poet Society

How do you like to describe Dead Poet Society’s sound/themes/ideas for the uninitiated?
Jack: Our band likes to aim our sound toward anything that inspires us. It changes constantly, especially with this new music we’re currently working on. Right now, I think we all listen to a bunch of different music. Frank Turner, Kendrick Lamar, Alabama Shakes, St. Vincent… the list goes on. Historical events and weird imagery also inspire our sound. There’s something so fascinating about writing a song based around something that actually happened, or creating a story for a character in a piece of art. Every song we write is for the sole purpose of taking you on a fucking ruthless, emotional sonic roller coaster.

What’s a recent case of a real event inspiring one of your songs that particularly stands out to you?
Jack: We have a new song that is based on a short story from H.P. Lovecraft called “The Color Out of Space.” We also wrote a song called “Van Gogh” about one of his paintings called Café Terrace at Night. There’s a woman in the painting dressed in white, who looks like she works at the café. We wrote the song based on her perspective and how she’s working a tough job and having a rough night, yet the painting looks so peaceful and pleasant.

The video for your recent single “Under My Skin” consisted of clips submitted by fans. What was your experience in looking through all these people singing/playing your song? Did anything surprise you?
Jack: It was kind of insane. We were kind of surprised people submitted at all. We were expecting maybe one person and then all these videos came pouring in the last few days. We watched through all of them and, not gonna lie, we were freaking out.

I’m sure. And with that excitement for the new material in mind, what are Dead Poet Society’s plans for 2018?
Jack: We are hard at work writing new music. That’s our top goal is just [to] make the best music we can, and then some. We’re looking at working with a producer for these new songs, which we haven’t done before, so that’s pretty exciting. We also have some big stuff we can’t quite talk about yet, but I can say we have tours in the works, many shows to play.

(answered by singer Jack Underkofler)
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