We sat down with Justin and Jacob from Centerpath. We talked in depth about their influences and story behind their new single “The Day After Tomorrow”.

This single was inspired by the terrifying truth about the relationship that mankind has with our planet. There’s nothing political about this song, it’s not our opinion on the matter – It’s a wake up call to our generation. The writing is on the wall, our species is destroying our planet, in thousands of different, irreparable ways. And we are the only ones who can stop it. It’s a truth that weighs heavily on us every day. And this band has always been about having a REAL message behind our songs and our lyrics, so, it just made sense to take a subject we were so passionate about and create something from it.
“The Day After Tomorrow” obviously has it’s own literal meaning, and in the context of the song it makes total sense, being that the song is about the impending doom of climate change and environmental pollution. So that’s what the name actually means. But the inspiration for it totally did come from that awesomely cheesy movie from 2004, not gonna lie. It just felt like it fit the message so well, we had to use it.
As far as the production for the single goes, right around mid-January we had the raw vocals recorded by Augustus Cryns at Soundcheck Studios in Hollywood. Everything else was done in our home studio, by our guitar player Justin. It took him about two months to get it done, but he hasn’t ever had any formal mixing education, so we were pretty pleased with how the final result turned out.
We didn’t really have a specific sound that we were going for in the studio as far as production goes. We were more concerned with trying to forge our own sound. But obviously our musical influences came into play a little bit, so if I had to name a few bands they’d probably be Periphery, Meshuggah, Slipknot, Korn, and Lamb of God. There are elements of all of those production styles that we wanted to incorporate into our own, but overall the goal was to make a product that could sit in a playlist with those bands – without sounding like complete garbage compared to them. I don’t know if we’re there quite yet, but this is by far the closest we have come yet!
“We felt like we needed to release this song off of the EP first, because the message for it is so dire.”
It’s something we felt needed to be heard, as soon as possible. This song was the message that we had always wanted to tell people, but never had the courage to. It’s dark, and it’s brutally honest, and the lyrics are almost uncomfortable to listen to. It was meant to be a call to action for some, and a calling out for others. But the message was something that we knew a lot of people would stand behind.
It’s impossible for me to pinpoint what we go for when we write the music. I don’t think we really go for anything. This band is one of those weird situations where everybody seems to almost always be on the same page when it comes to writing our music. Our goal has always been to write what we’ve always wanted to hear, and to be that band we wished we could have grown up listening to. Our instrumentalists have been working together on this band for over 3 years, so they’ve really developed a sense of the ideal sound for “Centerpath”. Its not something that gets discussed often, or really at all. We all kind of just get together to jam and write, taking pieces of everything that we do and eventually constructing songs out of the parts that fit the vibe of the band. After writing several albums together over the years under different band names and working with tons of different musicians in the process, the guys have developed a really solid connection as players and writers. And with our new singer Jacob in the mix, things seem to finally be falling into place.

We’re beginning the process of recording our 8-track debut EP, which we expect to be out by Summer 2017.

Here is a sneak peak on the latest single “The Day After Tomorrow” by Centerpath 

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