Awareness is Priority! Things you can do for your band to be noticed online and at shows.

OCML Podcast Episdoe 71

With Gig Boss and Vinay from Muzaic

Our guest this week is Local Music Promoter Gig Boss and Website Designer Vinay who are the founders of a website called MUZAIC which is a site where artists can get gigs and promoter can discover new artists. As of today MUZAIC has 600+ bands and 30+ promoters on their directory and continually growing with each month. Gigboss also talks about his history with the music scene and how its all changed over the years. He shares with us what bands should do when they are booked and before they play a show. Share stories, experiences and what you are doing to save the local music scene where you are from by joining GigBoss and Viney’s Facebook Group Save Local Music   

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Things you will learn:
1. Integrity is key to a fair music scene.
2. What frustrates Gig Boss the most about the current music scene.
3.The Difference between traditional booking and the new digital option.
4. How to get the attention of promoters via digital content and social media.

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Song of the Week: Porcelain Hill- Coming to Get you
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