Here are 5 new tracks to get this week rolling! | MusicMondays

Start your week right! Today we bring you 5 new tracks from local artists you should check out! It is always awesome to see new content from bands! Keeps everyone focused on the band when they aren’t on stage.

Silence The Radio  Spotify  |  Youtube  | Facebook
From Providence Rhode Island

Out of Providence, Rhode Island, four-piece alternative pop punk band Silence The Radio are premiering the music video for their latest single, “Sad Love Story,”  A direct follow up to their new EP, “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares,” the theatrical song is the second music video released for the record cycle. It is a beautiful, yet dramatic, visual continuation of the EP’s lead single (and video) “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares.


Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes Facebook | Instagram | Youtube  
From: Los Angeles Ca. 

The four piece band from Los Angeles Ca. has a new album out and they also have a
limited edition vinyl click here to learn more


Dreams Of Vertigo  Facebook | Instagram | Youtube
From Orange County Ca.
Check out this bands new album on itunes and google play. Featuring their latest single down below.


Vigil Of War  Facebook | Youtube | Website
From: Hollywood Ca.


The Whining Pussys Facebook | Youtube
From: Orange County Ca.

Exclusive interview with Warrior Dave on the OCML Podcast! Listen to it now!

Being influenced by wrestling as a kid and attracted to the theme entrances of wrestlers, Warrior Dave started diving into music at an early age. He is well known around Southern California Music Scene as a fan who paints his face in accordance to the show he’s attending. As seen below, some designs get pretty wild. As a promoter and a fan, he is involved in the local music scene in every aspect. Today he talks to us about, what it takes to be a superfan of a band and the local music scene.Thank you for stopping by and listening to the OCML Podcast! We are a group of promoters, artists, and fans that enjoy local music! This Podcast will help up the up and coming artist get to know the local music scene. You will gain a perspective and knowledge from us the promoters, fellow artists and fans that host this show. It will also help you get a better idea of the local music scene and how it works. If you like what you hear, subscribe using the links provided down below.

Also check this week’s Featured artist and track goes to Well Hung Heart with their track Devil
Check it out down below and make sure you follow them on social media!
Facebook  |  Instagram  | Website  | Youtube

Exclusive interview with Kyle Sain from the band The Standard Affiliates

The Standard Affiliates Frontman Kyle Sain stops by the OCML HQ and is featured in this week’s Artist Spotlight. In 2017 Kyle and The Standard Affiliates were able to accomplish several goals for the band such as releasing several singles including “Is This News to You” and “Paint it Gold”. In 2018 the band is looking to record new music and is releasing a new music video early 2018. So without further adieu check out our interview with the lead singer Kyle Sain and make sure you follow his band on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Also Check out the bands Spotify Account

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Lake Forest gets a Rush! of great House and Techno Music Tonight! Check out the artists performing later today.

Join us as we celebrate the HOLIDAY season in style! House, Techno, Ugly Sweaters, Good People, Dancing, Live Art, and so much more!! But before you head out to the show (which by the way is Free to attend click here to find out more) Get to know the artists that are performing tonight! Check out their music and follow them on Facebook! See you tonight and as always! #EnjoyLocalMusic

Hollie Nollie Facebook

DJ Vango  Facebook

Thomas Garcia Facebook

DayShell and Eyes Set to Kill are here in Riverside Tonight! Get your playlist to listen to on the way to the show

TONIGHT! DayShell and Eyes Set to Kill arrive at MTL Concert Venue in Riverside on their last stop for their “The New Year’s Resolution Tour” Make sure you get your tickets by clicking here before they are sold out. Down below we’ve curated a great playlist of tonights show! Check it out and make sure you follow the bands that are performing live tonight. Lets start this friday with proper bangers and as always! #EnjoyLocalMusic 

DayShell Facebook | Instagram |

Eyes Set To Kill  Facebook | Instagram |

In Urgency  Facebook  | Instagram

Redeem/Revive  Facebook | Instagram

CVLTVRE  Facebook | Instagram 

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FCC votes to disable Net Neutrality, Here’s how you can fight back.

A note from our Editor In Chief David Martinez on today’s FCC vote:
In today’s modern age, digital exposure has become a key aspect for success and exposure for local bands in the local music scene. It is one method of communication that has always been accessible by anyone looking to express themselves and to reach new audiences across the state and the country.  
We here at OCML Digital truly believe that both information and the ability to express yourself online should be easily and readily available. Unfortunately, today we are here to let you know that due to 3-2 vote, the Commission stripped away those neutrality protections. This is not the end of the line. There are several steps that need to be taken. If, net neutrality can’t be saved in the courts, perhaps it can be saved in Congress with the help of both parties. The fight doesn’t stop here; Here are some ways to be involved.
Plus, you can join the ACLU in bringing the fight to Congress here.

Check out Krista Marina’s acoustic session!

Thursdays in OCML mean Acoustic Sessions! Our throwback thursday today, is showcasing a very talented individual with not only great musicianship but also great stage presence. Ladies and gentlemen we bring you Krista Marina.
Raised in a cultural household, Krista developed an ear for dynamic vocals and appealing melodies. As soon as she discovered songwriting, Krista began taking music more seriously.

At age 14, she joined a band with close friends with whom she fostered her art and performed countless gigs for five years. Lead singer, keyboardist, and cajon player of the group, Krista performed at notable venues, such as the Troubadour and the Viper Room. Meanwhile, at Huntington Beach High School, Krista was a part of the Music Media Entertainment Technology program of the Academy for the Performing Arts (APA MMET) through which she cultivated her songwriting and performing skills, and discovered her interest in production.

In June of 2016, Krista released her debut EP, “Bittersweet,” which she wrote and co-produced. The following November, she collaborated with producer Arc North to create “Meant To Be,” a single she both sang and co-wrote. Krista continues to write for herself and other artists, lend her voice to collaborations, play shows, and immerse herself in various pockets of music. Although Krista’s music stretches across genres, there is a certain intangible element about it that signifies a Krista Marina-type style that sets her apart from the rest.

Make sure you follow Krista Marina on Facebook | Instagram | Website

We’re No Gentlemen release new music video titled “Night”

Hailing from Los Angeles, alternative rock band We’re No Gentlemen is premiering the music video for their track “Night,”  The video, directed by Henry Arres, is centralized around the general theme of loss, and allows every member of the band to have their own individual story. Originally a simplistic performance-based concept video.

“Night” developed into a deep visual, directly based off of the song’s lyrics. Although still intermixed with performance scenes, the video allows a look into each band member’s personal experiences with both negative thinking and loss. About “Night”, the band states:

“Night” is a song about wanting to let go of hurt. It’s a build up of all of the experiences that have now become you. It’s about wanting to let go of negative and suicidal thoughts. Most of the band has been affected by loved ones taking their own life so this song is very dear to our hearts.

Follow We’re No Gentlemen online! Check out their Facebook | Instagram and Website

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RIVALS releases new single titled, “Moonlit”

RIVALS ended 2017 with a bang! after releasing two new tracks. First, it was the previous single titled, “Low” which is a tad darker and different than their previous work. Now, thats always a good thing to have bands evolve and explore new horizons. Today, RIVALS released their second track titled, “Moonlit” off the long awaited album ” Damned Soul set to be released in February 2018.

In an interview, Kalie Wolfe stated, “Moonlit is about me. It’s about my past. It’s about my future. It’s about those around me. Those who’ve hurt me. Those i’ve hurt. I’m not perfect, I never will be, but all I can do is try to be the best version of myself.”

Their full album is set to be release on February 2nd on SmartPunk Records.
You can now pre order your copy here
Follow the band on their social media. Keep up to date on new content and upcoming shows
Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

We talked to the band CVLTVRE about their influences, their up bringing and plans for 2018

The American Emo/Post Hardcore band from the Inland Empire is set to take the stage this Friday in Riverside as DayShell and Eyes Set To kill stop by on their “New Years Resolution Tour”. (Get your Tickets by clicking here) We sat down with CVLTVRE’s guitarist and lead singer Joseph Yarbrough and chatted about the bands inspiration in their early stages, their hustle and plans for 2018

How do you like to describe CVLTVRE’s overall sound/themes/ideas to the uninitiated? 

Joe Yarbrough: Well, CVLTVRE is a blend of all our influences, plus our cinematic desire to tell stories through the art of melodies and instruments. For those who wish to compare us to other artists, we would say we are for fans of Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, and Citizen.

What kind of story do you want to convey in a song like “Drown” for example? Straight from the first few lines, there’s some very interesting imagery on display here.

Joe Yarbrough: The idea is quite simple. There are some things you just cannot control in life. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you react, and in this case that inspired this song, no one lives forever. I have a chemical disorder which has caused me to battle taking my own life in the past.
A year ago, my grandmother, who was a big part of raising me, was diagnosed with cancer. With everything in my life doing great at the moment, there was no way to prepare, and in an attempt to control the situation, my first thought was not to accept the situation, but to fall back to ways I knew I can control. The chorus “I got time to kill, I have time to breathe, but I can’t stop you from running away from me” sums up how we should come to terms with situations like these.

With those kinds of strong personal emotions running through your music, how have you seen that translate in your live shows?

Joe Yarbrough: That’s the beauty of CVLTVRE: it varies. When we are living in acceptance, it becomes a tune of hope. But when life is hard, it comes off more aggressive and in your face. But every time we play, we love seeing that translate to fan interaction. The music itself has transpired to be more about response than performance.

Whether as a band or as a fan, what can you say about the importance of supporting your local music scene? How have you seen it contribute to your success so far?

Joe Yarbrough: It is SUPER important! Especially to us! Supporting the local music scene is what keeps the bands we’ve grown to love alive. How do we keep the legacy if we don’t constantly share and give time to musicians who are creating, based off music that is so inspiring, but not yet in the mainstream of pop culture? Also, from supporting the local scene, it helps people find artists who may be their new favorite band.

What’s the plan for CVLTVRE in 2018?

Joe Yarbrough: Well we are releasing a new music video Jan. 19th for a single “Birthday Song,” which is off our EP “All Life Is…Act 1: An Act of Letting Go,” which is due out mid-February. Also, we will be doing a west coast tour in support of its release. Also, we will be announcing our label which has partnered with us for this release.

Don’t forget to follow CVLTVRE on all social media platforms.
Facebook  |  Twitter  | Youtube  |  Instagram

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