An offstage, behind the scenes talk with the band In Urgency.

In the midst of their next show this Friday December 15th at MTL Concert Venue in Riverside alongside with DayShell and Eyes Set To Kill (Get your Tickets Here). We chatted with Javier, the drummer from In Urgency, to try and get to know him, the band and the future plans for 2018. Don’t forget to follow them on social media and stay up to date with future single releases and upcoming shows. Links provided down below. 

How do you like to describe In Urgency’s overall sound/themes/ideas to the uninitiated? What’s your elevator pitch?
Javier: In Urgency is dynamic and earnest. It takes us to a different place on stage, as we take influence from bands like Saosin, Anberlin, and Foo Fighters. Dual vocalist/guitarists Chris & Sam create huge, moody melodies while Michael [and I] lay down a pulsing, ambient rhythm section, leading one to think of This Will Destroy You & Explosions in the Sky. Every performance is treated as if it’s our last; our energy reflects it. We hope you agree.

What song from the new album is a favorite for you to play live right now? Any particular reason, or interesting story behind how it came together?
Javier: My favorite track is the hidden gem of our new record, “Dear Lovely”. It started acoustically in Chris’s head, with the lines “because I wasn’t built for love, it’s a truth my heart’s forgetting”. His vocal performance gives me chills every time, and our producer Daniel Wonacott (Finch, Speak the Truth) helped us build & accentuate our instruments around it tastefully. It’s our strongest songwriting yet.

In the process of recording and touring with someone as experienced as Daniel, what’s something big or small you learned working with him?
Javier: We’ve definitely learned a lot from Daniel over the last few years. For Painting Parallels he took us through a writing and recording process that was much more in depth than anything we’ve experienced before. We definitely learned some more detailed steps that we’ll take into the process moving forward. Part of that was really focusing on arrangements and strong, memorable vocal parts. He’s also really taught us how to not overthink things along the way, as it’s easy to get off on tangents with specific parts and not accept that what’s there is already strong.

I’ve seen that your shows are packed with fans wearing your shirts and singing your lyrics. What is a piece of advice you’d give bands about creating a strong local fan base?
Javier: I think a couple of the most important pieces of advice we can give are just focus on making your songs the best and most genuine they can be so people can really connect, and to always show your fans your appreciation for their support.

Any plans for 2018?
Javier: There’s a lot of things currently up in the air, and some things going on behind the scenes that we can’t exactly talk about yet. We’ll just have to say stay tuned.

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