An interview with the band “Nights Like Thieves” they have a new EP out called “Light The Fuse and Run” and its awesome.

We sat down with the band Nights Like Thieves and chatted about their recent EP “Light The Fuse And Run”.

What inspired this EP? 

Mario: The EP is a collection of songs that I had written before and after moving to San Diego, CA from Albuquerque, NM. I sat in my apartment writing and recording songs in hopes of starting a new band and then posted the demos on Craigslist in the “personals” section and met these three dudes… ok it really wasn’t through the “personals” section, but we did meet on Craigslist, true story.

Where did the name of the EP come from? 

Mario: The name Light The Fuse And Run was actually an old name I wanted to use as a potential band name from many years ago, but it became the name of the EP due to how fast everything came together quickly for this band. There was really no down time once we all met and started playing together. We jumped right into playing the songs, recording the EP, making videos, merch, shows… just basically took off right away and got shit moving!  

Scott: Yeah, It’s inspired by exactly how NLT came together. Steve and I had a band that we were doing for a few years called Aim For The Engine and we did this project on the side. Literally overnight NLT became the main focus. We hit the ground running, we lit the fuse and ran… perfect analogy for how things started.


How long did this CD take to make from start to finish,recording-wise? 

Mario: We started tracking at the end of January and hooked up with La Escalera Records to release our EP by April. So, we got everything done within two months. 



What kind of ‘sound’,production wise, did you have in the back of your mind,prior to entering the studio? 

Mario: I just know we just wanted to make it sound as good as possible. We used some of our favorite recordings from other records we liked as a reference. It was all a learning experience since we did everything ourselves from tracking, mixing, mastering, design and all. We’re super stoked with the final product! 

Scott: I wanted it to represent not only the 90s sound we all love but be reminiscent of familiar bands in our same genre. No specific sounds in mind, we just wanted clean natural drums and for the recording to sound and be the best representation of the band live.

What is one of your favorite tracks on the new EP? and why? 

Scott: Goldbugs- because it’s dynamic, which is my favorite way to write and mess with our audience’s emotions.

Mario: I’d say I like “The Other Side” because It was the first song I wrote when I moved to San Diego and it kinda just happened. I structured the song with just drums and then basically freestyled the guitars and vocals over it to find the melody. I dig it and it’s also a fun song to play live.

What encouraged the band to choose the current single for this new EP? 

Mario: I’m not sure we have a specific song to title as our “single,” but we do however have two music videos out for two of our songs “Come Back Home” & “I Collide” so far. I’m guessing most people who have seen/heard them would think those are our singles? I don’t know… I’m single, haha!

Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture while writing songs? 

Scott: Awesomeness!

Mario: I’d say high energy, heartfelt, melodic, catchy songs with passion, yeah! Just write songs I’d like to hear and play is how I’ve always done it. 

Does your vision for coming up with music get affected at all by time? 

Mario: I don’t think so… Maybe? This question can get really deep if you really think about it… I think… I don’t know, I am now confused.

Scott: No.

How would you describe the sound of your new CD to any potential new fan? 

Mario: Six catchy, melodic, thought out, intricate rock songs that get stuck in your head that you just can’t get out. I don’t know, people that give their feedback relate us to emo, grunge, punk, rock bands from the late 90’s-2004 era, I suppose… but we still get the, “Hey dude, you guys remind me of “this band” meets “that band,” etc…” i.e.: Deftones meets Sunny Day Real Estate meets Armor For Sleep.

Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise)? 

These are some of our favorite bands & people who inspire us, but this list can go on and on… At The Drive In, Small Brown Bike, Saves The Day, Balance And Composure, Deftones, Glassjaw, Sunny Day Real Estate, Citizen, Thrice, Screeching Weasel,  Alkaline Trio, Hum, Jimmy Eat World, Face To Face, Tribe Called Quest, Can’t Swim, Circa Survive, Fugazi, Quicksand, Foo Fighters, Jawbreaker, Modern Baseball, Bayside, Dave Growl, Elvis Jones, Tame Impala, Hall And Oates, Eagulls, Fifteen, Wu-Tang, The Story So Far, Propaganda, NOFX, Beirut, Thursday, Taylor Hawkings, and so much more! We all have a lot of different music we dig!


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NLT Links:

www.nightslikethieves.bandcamp .com eves ieves l/UC2eSbCAYta6InyDrkUyNOWw

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