About us

Orange County Music League was founded in December of 2013 by John Safari and Kevin Martin. Both had been giving local talent the opportunity to play on stages around Orange County, as well as a camp out music festival by the lake called Bradstock, in Lake Elsinore. They started OCML with the idea of bringing together the “Super Heroes of OC Music” to reshape and rebuild a thriving music scene that benefits everyone from venue, to promoter, to artists. In the beginning of 2014 OCML launched DOWN Tuesday’s at The Copper Door in Santa Ana and things have snowballed quickly to multiple weekly event all over Orange County. In late 2015 OCML made it’s expansion to San Diego and shortly after north to Long Beach. There are now more opportunities to play fair shows in SoCal then ever before. OCML is here to stand with the artists and build a mutually beneficial scene where all parties come out on top. Here are our weekly shows as of 2016:

In mid 2016 OCML began preparing for the launch of the OCML Digital Network. A place where the focus of all the online content relates and is about primarily local talent. Taking the same concepts as bigger digital brands, this is a conscious effort from the Creative Team and OCML to open the envelope and entertain you in a more modern and digital way. As the times have changed, so have we.