A Quick Checklist For Proper Stage Etiquette 

A Quick Checklist For Proper Stage Etiquette 

There are a lot of little details that need paying attention to to ensure a smooth, successful and outstanding sounding gig. This is a quick checklist to make the process a little bit easier. 

Step 1 – Once the show is confirmed, send the promoter a stage plot. A stage plot should illustrate what the set up for your equipment is, noting the number of mics and plug ins.
This doesn’t need to be anything crazy and can be a photo of a drawing on paper. We aren’t picky.

Step 2 – Upon arrival to the venue (before the first act introduce yourself to the sound tech and let them know you are there and ask what he/she needs from you. Use this time to tell the sound tech and fx you might need for your set.

Step 3 – When the act before you starts, start staging your gear. You do not want to be setting your gear up on stage. Being ready to play shows professionalism and keeps the show on time. Long change overs bore fans and can cause some to leave.

Step 4 – Work with the sound tech to get levels right before you play, and if you need something adjusted wait until after the song is over. No one knows there is anything wrong unless you say something about it.

Step 5 – Engage with the crowd, thank them for being there, thank the venue and remind everyone to tip the bartender. Venues remember and appreciate this a lot. Remember to thank the other bands and let everyone know where they can find you on the Internet.

Step 6 – Get off stage faster than you got on. We do not have time for you to break down on stage. You should be off stage in 5 minutes or less to keep change overs as short as possible.

If you follow these easy steps you will make everyone’s night run much smoother, which means they are more likely to have you back. Plus, the show is more fun when it’s on time and running smoothly. The little details are the most important as they are the most overlooked.  
Thanks for reading. You can find more on this on The OCML Podcast, Episode 19 on Stage Etiquette.


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