Check out the new music video by Sabrina Lentini

“Dorothy Gale” is the name of the latest single by Sabrina Lentini, a very talented Orange County Musician with a captivating live acoustic performance and a genuinely awesome artist. We talked to Sabrina about her latest music video release:

What is the story behind the name of the track, “Dorothy Gale”?

Sabrina: “Dorothy Gale” is inspired by a huge part of my childhood- my love for The Wizard of Oz. The movie and its music take me back to being a little girl, singing and dancing with my grandma at her house, channeling imagination and wonder. I wanted to pay homage to these wonderful memories, the story itself, and the main character Dorothy, who I always wanted to be. It’s really a coming-of-age story for me, because I’m telling a new story, one that guides Dorothy beyond the yellow brick road to find her new home within herself.”

What inspired the overall aspect of the music video?
Sabrina: Even before I recorded the song, I was daydreaming about the music video, and I could not wait to wear my ruby slippers that my mom made for me a few years ago. I wanted the video to be simple, so the lyrics can take the listener on a journey. It came together so quickly and beautifully, and I’m so proud of the final product. My mom and I went driving around the Orange Circle and found the most perfect, magical little house for the video. It was exactly what I had envisioned, and to look up and see the purple steps and the white porch railings and the way the sun shined on them was magical. It just felt right. Just like I pictured Dorothy’s childhood home in Kansas.

With the year coming to a close what are your plans for 2018? 
Sabrina: My goal right now is to get this song heard as much as possible. It means so much to me, and I hope it touches those who hear it. I’m also very excited to release more music in the near future and to build my fan base. I’m writing lots of new material and performing all over OC, and I’m definitely planning on traveling to Nashville again soon in the new year!

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