Rising star in the House Community ready to take the stage this Friday.

One of the nicest guys in the House Music Scene here in Orange County Thomas Garcia stopped by our HQ as he prepares for his upcoming show OCML Presents: All Through the House Fri/15th. Inspired by the OffSpring and NOFX at 10 years old, it  encouraged him to pick up a guitar and teach himself on how to play it. Aside from the mainstream inspiration he was also encouraged and took part in the schools music program in which he picked up the viola along side other instruments. As he grew he decided to start creating house music, so branding became the next step.

After several brainstorming sessions he decided to just go with his name Thomas Garcia as his stage name. Since then, he performed in several locations throughout Southern California and one of them being EDC in Las Vegas Nevada to which to this day is one of his biggest moments in his music career. What sets him apart from other DJ’s is that he tries to create new music everyday as he stated;

” My music making process begins with a beat and from there I begin to build my initial idea. The process takes around two hours to complete a full song.” One piece of advice he’d give to up and coming artists is to, “Work on something everyday, no matter what.”  Check out his recent Artist Spotlight interview with OCML down below!

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How to use your art to influence social change with Brad West | OCML Podcast

Brad West the lead singer with Against The Sun, Political Science Major and a huge avid supporter for the Homeless Advocacy and Outreach Programs in Orange County. In this episode we will talk about the methods to influence change using your creativity. There is no better way to get peoples attention than with a creative outlet. Several methods include, painting, designs, songs, music videos etc that a band can do to express their dissatisfaction or agreement about any topic.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to the OCML Podcast! We are a group of promoters, artists, and fans that enjoy local music! This Podcast will help up the up and coming artist get to know the local music scene. You will gain a perspective and knowledge from us the promoters, fellow artists and fans that host this show. It will also help you get a better idea of the local music scene and how it works. If you like what you hear, subscribe using the links provided down below.

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Doug chats about his inspirations growing up and about the band Dreams of Vertigo

We sat down with Doug Ferguson lead singer of the band Dreams Of Vertigo and also avid supporter of the #EndPayToPlay movement. We sat down and chatted about his inspirations growing up, his taste in music and also about his band. Check out the full interview down below. Also, Check out the OCML Podcast in which he was a guest and chatted more in depth about his support in the anti pay to play movement.

Check out this podcast episode in which he talked about Ending Pay to Play

Doug Ferguson stops by and chats about the #EndPayToPlay | OCML Podcast

An offstage, behind the scenes talk with the band In Urgency.

In the midst of their next show this Friday December 15th at MTL Concert Venue in Riverside alongside with DayShell and Eyes Set To Kill (Get your Tickets Here). We chatted with Javier the bassist from In Urgency to try and get to know him, the band and the future plans for 2018. Don’t forget to follow them on social media and stay up to date with future single releases and upcoming shows. Links provided down below. 

How do you like to describe In Urgency’s overall sound/themes/ideas to the uninitiated? What’s your elevator pitch?
Javier: In Urgency is dynamic and earnest. It takes us to a different place on stage, as we take influence from bands like Saosin, Anberlin, and Foo Fighters. Dual vocalist/guitarists Chris & Sam create huge, moody melodies while Michael [and I] lay down a pulsing, ambient rhythm section, leading one to think of This Will Destroy You & Explosions in the Sky. Every performance is treated as if it’s our last; our energy reflects it. We hope you agree.

What song from the new album is a favorite for you to play live right now? Any particular reason, or interesting story behind how it came together?
Javier: My favorite track is the hidden gem of our new record, “Dear Lovely”. It started acoustically in Chris’s head, with the lines “because I wasn’t built for love, it’s a truth my heart’s forgetting”. His vocal performance gives me chills every time, and our producer Daniel Wonacott (Finch, Speak the Truth) helped us build & accentuate our instruments around it tastefully. It’s our strongest songwriting yet.

In the process of recording and touring with someone as experienced as Daniel, what’s something big or small you learned working with him?
Javier: We’ve definitely learned a lot from Daniel over the last few years. For Painting Parallels he took us through a writing and recording process that was much more in depth than anything we’ve experienced before. We definitely learned some more detailed steps that we’ll take into the process moving forward. Part of that was really focusing on arrangements and strong, memorable vocal parts. He’s also really taught us how to not overthink things along the way, as it’s easy to get off on tangents with specific parts and not accept that what’s there is already strong.

I’ve seen that your shows are packed with fans wearing your shirts and singing your lyrics. What is a piece of advice you’d give bands about creating a strong local fan base?
Javier: I think a couple of the most important pieces of advice we can give are just focus on making your songs the best and most genuine they can be so people can really connect, and to always show your fans your appreciation for their support.

Any plans for 2018?
Javier: There’s a lot of things currently up in the air, and some things going on behind the scenes that we can’t exactly talk about yet. We’ll just have to say stay tuned.

(answers are from bassist Javier Caudillo)
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New Study: Musicians are Three times more likely to suffer from Depression according to study.

The launch of a new mental health hotline offering support for those in the music industry has officially launched with 24/7 service. This Service was created by a great charity Help Musicians UK after a recent study showed that musicians were three times more likely to suffer from depression compared to the general public. The research was spearheaded by Sally Gross and Dr.George Musgrave of the University of Westminster.  It was the world’s largest study which had 2,200 musicians surveyed. The largest groups of participants are self identified as musicians. The Study also accounted for other music-biz roles, including management, label or music publishing, audio production and crew.
(For more info check the Study)

An official statement made on their official website states: “With 96 years of experience, Help UK understands the complexity of working in music and recognizes the need of support to reflect the nature and unique challenges those in the industry can face”.

“If you want someone to talk to, or even explore avenues for help ongoing support, get in touch, anytime. We’re here to help”

For anyone in need to talk to someone the hotline number is 0808 802 8008 and it operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We do understand this is a service currently exclusive in the UK, but there are several hotlines here in the United States that can help you out if you ever need to talk to someone. 

Check the list down below and see what best helps you.

Remember you are not alone, there is always someone to talk to.

L.A. Co. Mental Health/Crisis Line……..800-854-7771
Suicide Prevention Center (24 Hours)…….213-381-5111
Suicide Prevention Crisis Center…….310-391-1253 (24 Hours)
Rape Treatment Center (24 Hours)……….310-319-4000
Alcoholics Anonymous (24 Hours)……….213-936-4343
Narcotics Anonymous (24 Hours)……….909-622-4274
California Youth Crisis Line……….800-843-5200

Check out the new music video by Sabrina Lentini

“Dorothy Gale” is the name of the latest single by Sabrina Lentini, a very talented Orange County Musician with a captivating live acoustic performance and a genuinely awesome artist. We talked to Sabrina about her latest music video release:

What is the story behind the name of the track, “Dorothy Gale”?

Sabrina: “Dorothy Gale” is inspired by a huge part of my childhood- my love for The Wizard of Oz. The movie and its music take me back to being a little girl, singing and dancing with my grandma at her house, channeling imagination and wonder. I wanted to pay homage to these wonderful memories, the story itself, and the main character Dorothy, who I always wanted to be. It’s really a coming-of-age story for me, because I’m telling a new story, one that guides Dorothy beyond the yellow brick road to find her new home within herself.”

What inspired the overall aspect of the music video?
Sabrina: Even before I recorded the song, I was daydreaming about the music video, and I could not wait to wear my ruby slippers that my mom made for me a few years ago. I wanted the video to be simple, so the lyrics can take the listener on a journey. It came together so quickly and beautifully, and I’m so proud of the final product. My mom and I went driving around the Orange Circle and found the most perfect, magical little house for the video. It was exactly what I had envisioned, and to look up and see the purple steps and the white porch railings and the way the sun shined on them was magical. It just felt right. Just like I pictured Dorothy’s childhood home in Kansas.

With the year coming to a close what are your plans for 2018? 
Sabrina: My goal right now is to get this song heard as much as possible. It means so much to me, and I hope it touches those who hear it. I’m also very excited to release more music in the near future and to build my fan base. I’m writing lots of new material and performing all over OC, and I’m definitely planning on traveling to Nashville again soon in the new year!

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Running your Band as a Business with Andrew Brown | OCML Podcast

Thank you for stopping by and listening to the OCML Podcast! We are a group of promoters, artists, and fans that enjoy local music! This Podcast will help up the up and coming artist get to know the local music scene. You will gain a perspective and knowledge from us the promoters, fellow artists and fans that host this show. It will also help you get a better idea of the local music scene and how it works. If you like what you hear, subscribe using the links provided down below. 

This episode: Episode 59 with Andrew Brown of AMB Tax Services. Running Your Band as a Business, Treating it Like a Start-Up and Doing Business in the Digital Music Industry. How to start your business, partnership vs. LLC. It is something that all bands regardless in the number of members should know. Last thing you need is the good ol’ IRS at your door asking for their share of the money. 

Also, check out this great local band from Long Beach California named, “Of Limbo”. They are the band of the week for this episode of the OCML Podcast. Listen to their track at the end of the episode title “Let’s Get Fucked Up”.

Music: Of limbo – Let’s Get Fucked Up

Max Gomez stops by and chats with us about his inspirations and outlook for 2018 | Artist Spotlight

The talented and multi-instrumentalist Max Gomez stopped by to chat with us at our HQ and talked about his inspirations, his style and his plans for 2018. This man is part of a one man band called “Blindoss” Check out his interview with us down below and don’t forget to follow him on social media. Links will be provided down below.

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