RIVALS releases new single titled, “Low”

With their latest partnership with SmartPunk Records RIVALS has released their latest single titled, “Low” coming off their newest album “Damned Souls” which is set to release February 2, 2018. This new single shows the evolution of RIVALS as a band and its always evolving sound led by one of the most influential women in the local music scene Kalie Wolfe.
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and the new record which is set to be released soon.

Doug Ferguson stops by and chats about the #EndPayToPlay | OCML Podcast

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This week we sat down with Doug Ferguson and chatted about the local Pay to Play schemes happening today. How he lead the fight against pay to play and showing folks it can be done without it. We also introduced our newest member to the team, Mark Berman our writer and content creator for the OCML Digital Network.

The track of the week was brought to you by: Alive and Well- No Winter in the West
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