5 tips in preparing for an upcoming show | The OCML Podcast

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A quick Review of the Episode

1. Send over a stage plot, a current photo, and a song/EPK when talking to a promoter. (Usually a promoter will ask for this beforehand.)

2. Share any promotional material given to you as SOON! as you get it. Do not! share it three days/ one week ago.

3. Keep in mind of the guest list. Do not put anyone on that list if they have the ability to buy a ticket. Reserve these for the manager, a photographer, a writer “you want to befriend”, merch guy or a girlfriend. (If your girlfriend doesn’t’ pay to see you… Is she a fan?”) XD

4. Do NOT advertise your set time exclusively. Promote the whole show! as a whole.

5. Connect with the people you know personally, via a phone call, text or chat. This is one of the BEST ways to get people’s attention and connection to attend a show. Social Media can blast the message that you are playing but does not connect personally with anyone.

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