Going on a tour? Follow these steps and you’ll be ok | OCML Podcast

The team go over this article that David read a couple of days ago that talks about what touring bands should do when they play a show. John and Kevin give their opinion and tips as promoters.

1. Be prepared to play!

-Don’t take too long setting up and tearing down.

-Have all your equipment tuned up and ready to go.

2.Load in Quickly and Breakdown even faster.

3.Do not engage in cringe banter on stage.

– If talking infront of a crowd isn’t your thing, then don’t worry about it.

  play your music and move on.

4.Do not over stay your welcome.

-Don’t take forever to unload your stuff off the stage.

5.The touring band should be put 2nd to last or in between a set.

6. The touring band should keep all the money.

-Listen to the podcast to hear John’s response as a promoter.



Dave gets roasted and the team brings the Rants & Raves to another level. | OCML Podcast

No hard feelings, all jerks welcomed, sit down refill that pitcher of beer and let them tell you what’s wrong.
What pissed off the team? it can be anything from live shows, digital content, brands and bands. No one is Safe.

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Exclusive: Sean Honan talks about Gus McArthur and the origin of the band’s name| OCML Artist Spotlight

We sat down with Sean Honan lead guitarist from the band Gus McArthur and talked about his inspirations as an artist, where the band’s name came from and what advice he gives our younger generation of artists. All that and more!!
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Michael Barnum releases new single on his birthday called, “Universe”

After a few busy months Michael Barnum finally releases a new single on his birthday called, “Universe” So we chatted with Michael to find out what inspired the fresh new track, this is what he said,

“So I actually wrote the song a year ago. In the month of September last year, I challenged myself to write a song everyday in September. In an effort to keep writing and hone my songwriting skills, this was one of the ones that came out of that exercise. An album isn’t officially in the works just yet, but I have been writing a lot.”

Check the track down below and don’t forget to get yourself the single “Universe” on itunes and google play! 

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