The First Time Enter Shikari Ever Played, Today Won’t go Down in History LIVE

The First Time Enter Shikari Ever Played, Today Won’t go Down in History LIVE

First off, I have to say I was at the first Enter Shikari show at Chain Reaction on May 14th, 2007. So it was an absolute must to go to the first show of the Take to The Skies 10 Year Anniversary Tour with Being As An Ocean. I’m sure I’m in this video in the pit somewhere from that night at Chain in ’07.

Now on to last night. I did something I never do and I stayed outside until ES took the stage. I guess I wanted my night to be all about the nostalgia and boy, was it worth it! When they first took the stage and went into Sorry, You’re Not a Winner, it brought me right back to that sweaty front row at Chain ten years ago. Bouncing around in the push pit, screaming the words with a thousand strangers, a feeling of being totally immersed in a show and becoming one with it. Their stage presence was nothing short of captivating up until the moment where nostalgia reaches reality, I’m too old for being in mosh pits for a long period of time. A sad realization. 

I took a step back to the left side and then ES decided to bust out, Today Won’t Go Down in History for the first time live, ever! So naturally, I took my phone out and filmed the song, all while catching my breath. This would be the only time until the last second of the set that my phone would not be in my pocket when I captured a picture of Rou on the floor with a light and his guitar, just after shredding the end their set. Enjoy the light show and #EnjoyLocalMusic
“Today won’t go down in history,
So shut your eyes.”


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