OCML Top5 Episode 2

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“Ghost”- JAMZ INK

JAMZ INK is a new alternative rock band from Huntington Beach. They have been together since June 2016, and are only looking up! Experimenting with psychedelic tones and modern age themes, they have been able to create a new, fresh sound for 2017.

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“The Dream”- Porcelain Hill

You cannot stop a dreamer, especially when that dreamer has ambition and drive! Porcelain Hill uses classic rock roots to express timeless topics. Featuring hard guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and a solid drum line; Porcelain Hill keeps not only the dream alive, but rock-n-roll, too! However, they are on the SEARCH for a NEW BASS PLAYER! If you want to live out the dream like a real rock star, message them on facebook.

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“Opus”- Hoity-Toity

Los Angeles look out! Hoity-Toity is a 4 piece all-girl rock band with power chords, drums, and vocals! They started back in 2014, and have now hit venues such as The Whiskey A go-go, and stages at Van’s Warped Tour!

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“Triumphant”- Clemmie Williams (Feat. Karlton Phresh)

Keep your head up and your chest out. Clemmie Williams and Karlton Phresh deliver an Anthem of Champions- an anthem for those of us who made it despite the world being against you. Coming from the streets to now touring those cities, Clemmie is a self-made man. The only way he see’s himself going now: is up!

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“Blank Canvas”- Chameleon Technology

At the end of the day, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Rather it be a good reason or not, the only one responsible for ourselves is, well, us. Chameleon Technology knows self-discipline very well, escpecially since they are actually only one person! Max Histrionic is from Costa Mesa, and he is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and drummer for Chameleon Technology. A one man show who really stands out!

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